Our Hass avocados are sourced from Ovalle, Limari Province in the IV region of Chile. Our avocados enjoy the semi-arid, frost-free coastal climate with relative humidity due to the influence of the Pacific. These conditions help the fruit form and set accordingly, allowing it to grow stress free from external environmental factors. The area has the privilege of reaching dry matter content earlier than most other growing areas in Chile, allowing the fruit to be harvested in August.

Our Hass avocados are characterised by their rippled leathery skin that turns near black when fully ripe. The flesh is a vibrant, fluorescent green which turns butter yellow towards the pit. Hass boast a high oil and fiber content, and are nutritionally rich in vitamins C, E, K, magnesium and potassium. This high-quality, creamy ‘superfood’ fruit is available from August.



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