We source Chilean blueberries from Ovalle to Lautaro from mid-October to late February. We ensure the high quality of fruit, and the conditions in which it is picked, packaged and transported.

Our northern-grown blueberries are farmed in Ovalle in the Limari region of Chile. Ovalle is characterised by its semi-arid coastal climate with a steady sea breeze which keeps the berries cool on the bushes. The soil contains clay which locks in moisture and minerals at the roots and its calcium carbonate richness lends a unique acidity and minerality that works its way into this flavorsome fruit.

Meanwhile, our southern-grown blueberries are farmed in the fertile, volcanic-rich soils of the Araucania region of Chile which boasts soil levels luxurious in magnesium and potassium. With neotropical affinities, this temperate rainforest region offers an oceanic climate high in humidity producing lush, abundant produce. Chilean blueberry production includes varieties of Suziblue, Duke, Legacy, Blue Ribbon, Brigitta, Cargo and Top Shelf.

From the Peruvian coastal regions of Piura, Olmos, Chiclayo and Trujillo we source only the best blueberry varieties. This northwestern region is an oasis of vegetation in an otherwise desert-like landscape, producing world-prized blueberries well-known for their generous size and firmness. We offer Peruvian blueberries from mid-September though to early December.

King of all berries, blueberries are at the top of the ‘superfood’ list for good reason. These dinky blue–violet berries are low in calories but bursting with antioxidants (flavonoids), protecting the body from free radicals which damage cells and contribute to aging and diseases. Blueberries are also nutrient dense in vitamins C, K and magnesium.



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