Table Grapes:

Chilean table grapes are second to none thanks to the country’s excellent growing conditions – the arid landscape, bountiful sunshine and cool breezes undulating westward from the Pacific and eastward falling over the foothills and valleys from the majestic Andes.

Crisp, crunchy, juicy, refreshing and sweet, each Chilean grape is packed full of vitamins (especially rich in vitamins C, K, complex Bs, carotenes and copper), polyphenols and antioxidants. With fruit of such superior quality, it’s no wonder Chile is the world’s largest grape producer and exporter, dedicating more than 30% of its fruit growing sphere to these delectable globules of goodness. WHM supply the following varieties of table grape from the Aconcagua and Colchagua valleys from January to April:

Sweet Jubilee:

Plum-black in color with translucent pale green flesh and sparsely injected with small seeds. Sweet Jubilee can be easily identified by its large oval elongated shape, slight bite, and mellow-sweet taste.


Sweet Celebration:

Scarlet, sweet, succulent. A medium-large round grape variety with a wide appeal among consumers. An excellent all-rounder.


An oldie but a goldie. Thompson is one of the earliest-known varieties of seedless grapes and one of the most widely consumed. Pale green, oblong-shaped, crisp and oh-so-sweet, it’s the epitome of a grape.


Red Globe:

This seeded, Californian-born grape is as large in size, sweet in taste and as pinky-red in colour as the sun-kissed state itself.



A large, seedless grape from broad blushing bunches. Crunchy, neutral-sweet and balanced. A late-season grape.


Autumn Royal:

A dark and classic sweet seedless grape, Autumn royal grows in large, conical, raven-coloured bunches. Each grape is elongated and has a thin skin that canvases clear, firm, flavourful flesh.


A rosy–red, seedless grape with thick skin and firm, juicy flesh. The grapes are large and cylindrically shaped encasing sweet neutral tones.



A straw–yellow to creamy green, medium seedless grape with thick, crisp skin encasing sweet and smooth muscat-flavored flesh. Bunches are bright, fresh, and uniform.

Autumn Crisp:

A late-season seedless grape with large firm berries of milky yellow–green skin which pack a crisp, succulent, sweet flesh with notes of muscatel.



A round, pearly-green, medium-large sized berry with low acids and good levels of sweetness. Firm and crisp yet mild in taste, this early-mid seedless variety is often regarded as similar to Thompson seedless.



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