Our promise to the environment is to reduce our emissions by measuring, mitigating and compensating our impacting actions until we become a zero emissions delivery company. We seek to establish leadership in sustainability and emission reduction in response to the climate crisis and within the framework of the Paris Agreement. 2023 sees our consumers equipped with tools to view and verify our carbon footprint and CarbonNeutral® delivery certificate through QR codes as well as having visibility of the exciting environmental projects we are supporting.


With the purchase of the industry-leading MARCO® weighing and packing machine, we are able to vastly improve packhouse productivity by minimising waste, eliminating overpacking and providing greater production-wide visibility. In essence, with the help of this highly specialised machine we can pack fruit faster, more accurately, and fundamentally generate more punnets from the same quantity of fruit.

The Cuel Wind Power Project

We have been given the opportunity to manage our carbon footprint by offsetting our shipping emissions through CarbonNeutral® delivery certification – the global standard in carbon neutrality.

All greenhouse gases generated by WHM are neutralised by creating a carbon ‘credit’, measured through CoTalker, traceable through Blockchain technology, and certified under international carbon standards. This ‘credit’ guarantees that the equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions is reduced in the atmosphere, and we are currently achieving this by supporting the Cuel Wind Power project.

Located in the Los Angeles Biobio region of Chile, Cuel wind farm consists of 22 wind turbines with a total power of 33 MW electricity. It offsets 32,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year and supplies electricity to 55,000 homes. Not only did the construction of the project create economic growth by providing jobs in the renewable energy industry, but the reduction in cost of energy has benefitted the people economically all the while reducing dependence on fossil fuels and providing the environment with a pollution-free energy solution.

Address: Avenida El Bosque Norte 0107. Oficina 22. Las Condes. Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile.